Butterfly (T) 2I’m looking at your wonderful manifesto poster and feel the need to thank you for it and all the wisdom and insight you have imparted to me over the last several months. I really feel that it has changed my life for the better. —J.H.

I think this is really amazing stuff. Having been involved in transformational work for a while, the difference in having the practical information about habit change, for example, and about cognitive biases just makes such a difference. –L.C.

Great class! It honestly changed my life. Looking at the list (of Big Picture Wants) when making decisions has been huge. Increased awareness of why I do things has also been very helpful. —E.B.

Thank you for an excellent class today. I thought it was well organized, pertinent information, executed with grace and intelligence. —L.H.

Good balance of information, discussion, and reflection. The interaction with other students was particularly helpful. —S.T.

Wow! You have given me so much to think about, personally and professionally. Thank you for such an amazing class. —R.A.

Now I know what my Big Picture Wants are and have a clear picture of what activities get them for me. I also have a better understanding of System 1 and System 2 and how persistence trumps will power and can make my life easier. I really enjoyed the class and what I learned. —J.M.

Thank you for the work you facilitated in our What Do You Want? class. It was so thought provoking. It really made me examine my core beliefs and allowed me to see outmoded patterns that I’d grown too comfortable with. I also value the sharing that took place because verbalizing one’s feelings and perceptions is transformative. —M.M.

The scope of your knowledge in this area is astounding. Can’t wait to read your upcoming book. —J.S.

Thanks again for your teachings on the Enneagram and personal storytelling. I’ve really enjoyed your workshops and brass-tacks/good-humor way of relaying information. —S.J.

Farther to Go! offers a new approach to living based on how our brain functions. System 1 has its tendencies, but I can override them if I’m aware. —S.D.

A sense of pride and acknowledgement of accomplishment has been experienced in our entire group. We have only you to thank for inspiring us and teaching us the process. Also thanks for letting us form our own sense of sharing and support with your guidance. —B.H.

I’m thankful for you and I’m glad I took the time to invest in ME! —N.W.

Getting clear on my Big Picture Wants has been a wonderful process. —J.N.

I loved the structure, format, organization—how tightly run the class was. I so look forward to our next class! —V.S.

If you’ve been wondering why some habits are “impossible” to break, take this class. It’s not theory, it’s a practical training on creating the change you desire. —L.C.

I was surprised to learn that we can change our brain’s programming. Thank you for enlightening us with this course. —Y.R.

Learning about System 1 and System 2 has enabled me to look at things in a new way and to begin to address problems. Noticing my self-talk and identifying facts (vs. story) have both been useful and freeing for me.  —B.M.

You have really enriched my life. Thank you so much. —J.G.

If you’ve been wondering why some habits are “impossible” to break, take this class (Goals, Habits & Intentions). It’s a practical training on creating the change you desire. —L.C. 

Stimulating, provocative, and very helpful in learning to separate fact from story, and in learning how to actually make changes in my behavior and life.  —J.S.

Huge eye opener about myself. I’m much more aware of my communication with myself and with others, especially regarding cause and effect and the need to justify action. —L.M.

One of the biggest things I’ve gotten out of Farther to Go! is increased awareness of my thought process and just plain increased awareness period. I have slowed down and lowered my anxiety significantly. I’m gaining more clarity regarding what I want in my life at this time and how to go about getting it. —L.S.

One of the most talented, responsive teachers I’ve encountered. Group sharing facilitated beautifully. A very wise and supportive woman! —M.D.

I am so glad I took this class, and it is making a difference in my life already. —L.W.

Obviously Joycelyn was well equipped to teach but also very creative and interested in her subject. She made the class a success. —M.M.

Very, very well thought out–and I’ve had success! —P.M.

Fantastic class! She really knows her stuff! —P.G.

There was a nice, comfortable flow to the class and Joycelyn has a very inviting manner that encourages participation. —B.W.

Thank you for this work and your humor. —L.C.

I love the personal, small group format. It is supportive. Thank you for doing this whole thing. —J.S.

Thank you for building a safe community. —R.A.
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