Monthly Meetings of the Mind
(& Brain)

heads togetherYour brain has a mind of its own and doesn’t necessarily want the same things you want. It’s often in the driver’s seat, operating outside your awareness and without your consent.

Find out how to get your brain to take you where you want to go—and even where that might be.

6:45-8:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month except for November (no meeting) and December (the second Tuesday).

No Domingo Baca

North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
(7521 Carmel Ave NE, Albuquerque NM 87113)

Meetings include presentation and discussion, handouts, and (sometimes) exercises.

These sessions are FREE, but space is limited.
So if you want to attend, please let me know in advance. Please call me at 505-332-8677 or email me at

Click here for information on the upcoming (or the most recent) meeting.

Dates and Topics for 2018:
  • January 23:  Openness to Experience
  • February 27:  If It Feels Contrived, Do It
  • March 27:  How to Be Good to Your Brain
  • April 24:  Dopamine: The Power of Wanting
  • May 22:  The Intersection of Randomness and Prediction
  • June 26:  4th Annual Enneagram Panel
  • July 24:  Narrative: The Brain Is a Silver Tongue Going in Circles
  • August 28:  Obstacles and Considerations
  • September 25: Amygdala: Friend, Foe, or Facilitator
  • October 22:  Rumination vs. Reflection
  • December 11: (2nd Tuesday):  The Aesthetic Brain

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